4 Ways To Make Your Apartment a Sanctuary

4 Ways To Make Your Apartment a Sanctuary

At Pelican Bluff Apartments, we offer affordable, luxury apartments in Windsor, Colorado. Our amenities are superior, and our location is convenient for larger cities nearby. We strive to give each of our tenants a completely relaxing and comfortable environment to live in, and our goal is to stick to a fair and reasonable budget for your convenience. We encourage you to read below for tips and tricks on how to make your apartment a sanctuary. View our apartments today!

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Change the Direction of Your Ceiling Fans With the Season

The summer and winter months in Colorado are two very different extremes, and your ceiling fan must be adjusted accordingly for your benefit. In the summer months, adjust your fan to spin clockwise to push the cool air down. On the flip side, in the winter, the fan should spin counter-clockwise to pull the cold air up.

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Use a Curved Shower Rod to Create More Space in Your Shower

At Pelican Bluff Apartments, we offer spacious showers to give you the maximum comfort possible. However, if you wish to create even more room, we suggest using a curved shower rod to create more space. Additionally, if you purchase an extra long shower curtain, this will prevent water from leaking out.

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Use Mirrors to Refract Sunlight

Do you want your apartment to feel brighter and larger? Mirrors are a great option to make this come to life, and the use of mirrors can refract sunlight creating the space and light you desire. Apartment living can feel like a happy oasis!

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Make Comfort a Priority

Does your apartment need a touch of warmth added to it? One thing you can do is add furniture that is comfortable and cozy for your space. A few other things you can do to make your home extra cozy are to add fluffy towels, a plush robe, throw pillows, and shag rugs to make different rooms of your apartment feel like your dream home.


At Pelican Bluff Apartments, we want you to feel right at home! If you want your apartment to feel like a sanctuary, there are several things you can do to maximize your comfort levels. If you are ready to experience luxury living at its finest, we are eager to have you visit us to find out more about our fantastic apartments. Contact us today to learn more!