easy ways to declutter and save space

Easy Ways to Declutter and Save Space

As someone who lives in an apartment, you’re always looking for easy ways to get rid of unnecessary things and make the most of your living space. Even if your apartment is spacious, there are always ways to improve and better utilize your unit’s layout. In today’s entry, we’re going to take a close look at several easy ways to declutter and save space in your apartment.

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how to make the most of your living space

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Start With Your Closet…

As we mentioned in one of our previous entries, your closet is one of the easiest places to begin saving space. In addition to the tips we discussed in that blog, we recommend going through all of your clothing in order to determine what you can keep, toss, or donate. You have articles of clothing you wear weekly, monthly, and on special occasions, but we’re willing to bet that you also have plenty of things that haven’t been worn in last year. As you rearrange your closet, take some time to think carefully about each item you see. If you haven’t worn something in the last six months and don’t have any plans to put it on in the near future, then why not donate it to someone who would?

…And Then Maximize The Others

Once you’ve organized the closet in your room, we recommend turning your attention toward the other closets in your apartment. While they may seem small at first, it’s not hard to find creative storage solutions. Over-the-door shoe organizers, for instance, can help you declutter your entryway and make the space near your door look more open. Adding a multi-level storage cubby system to your closets can also provide you with an easy and efficient way to organize winter gear, sports equipment, and anything else that’s haphazardly sitting at the bottom.

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Invest In Bookshelves

Bookshelves can be a lifesaving storage solution, even if you’re not an avid reader. Whether you purchase bookshelves for your bedroom, living room, or kitchen, having plenty of shelving is the perfect way to creatively display anything that’s currently cluttering your apartment. Don’t forget to take advantage of corner shelving units!

Downsize Your Belongings

If you’re looking for another way to cut down on the clutter and disorganization in your apartment, then consider downsizing your apartment like you did with your closet. You probably have quite a few belongings that you no longer need or use, and this is the perfect opportunity to give yourself a fresh start. Remember that while gifts, cards, and other keepsakes are highly sentimental, they don’t have to be a burden that you bring to every new apartment.

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