The Benefits of Renting an Apartment in Windsor

The Benefits of Renting an Apartment in Windsor

To rent or to buy — that seems to be the question that everyone is asking when it comes to finding a place to live and thrive in Northern Colorado, including Windsor. If you’re considering renting an apartment in Windsor, now is the time! There are several benefits that you can take advantage of when renting an apartment in Windsor, and Pelican Bluff Apartments is the perfect place to start!

The Benefits of Renting an Apartment in Windsor
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No Down Payments Are Required

One of the most common obstacles to home ownership is having enough money saved to afford a down payment. Down payments required to buy a home can be as high as 20% of the purchase price, and for many Windsor residents, that simply isn’t an option that is available at the current time. A home worth $400,000, for example, would require a down payment of $80,000! When renting an apartment, however, all that is typically required is a security deposit and an upfront payment for the first month’s rent. When comparing the two, renting an apartment certainly comes out on top in regard to affordability for most people.

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Lower Utility Costs

As a homeowner, all of the utility costs fall squarely on your shoulders, and those costs can add up quickly. When you rent an apartment, your utility costs will be lower for several reasons. First, since apartments tend to be smaller in square footage compared to most houses, you’ll use less energy to heat and cool your apartment. Secondly, Pelican Bluff Apartments includes water, sewer, and trash service in your monthly rent, taking that additional expense off of your plate. On top of that, when the snow falls in Windsor, we’ve got it covered!

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Maintenance Costs Aren’t Your Responsibility

When you own your own home, you’ll quickly discover that when something breaks or needs to be replaced, you’re the one responsible for paying the bill. This includes everything from property maintenance, leaks, plumbing problems, electrical issues, and more, and can run into the thousands of dollars to keep up with. One of the biggest benefits of renting an apartment with Pelican Bluff Apartments in Windsor is that we’re responsible for maintenance, both physically and financially. You’ll never have to worry about mowing the lawn, fixing a roof, or cleaning out a gutter.

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Renting an Apartment Comes With Amenities

Renting an apartment definitely comes with its own list of amazing perks! Pelican Bluff Apartments includes these incredible amenities when you rent with us:

  • Granite countertops

  • Stainless steel appliances

  • In-suite washer/dryer hookups

  • Clubhouse and cyber cafe

  • Fitness facility

  • Large outdoor swimming pool

  • Discounted storage at Windsor Self Storage

  • Ample guest parking

  • And more!

If you’re on the fence when it comes to renting an apartment in Windsor, schedule a walkthrough at Pelican Bluff Apartments! We’re confident you’ll love joining our great community. Contact us today to get started!

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