Tips For First Time Renters

Tips For First Time Renters Part II

In our last post, we covered a few of the bigger factors that go into finding your first apartment like knowing your budget and finding the right location. Today, we’ll look at some tips for what to do once you’ve found your new home.

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be aware of your new surroundings

When you’re walking through your new apartment and the surrounding area before you’ve signed your lease, take note of any warning signs. Are there strange smells in the building? What is the sound level like? Are there unsightly portions of the complex? If something is concerning, be sure to ask questions! Eliminating any possible future pain points now can save you a lot of grief down the road.

read the lease

Speaking of things to do before signing the lease, you should actually read it! Your lease or renter’s agreement should tell you everything you need to know about the home you’re about to move into. There’s a lot of legal jargon in these documents, so once again, asking questions is the best thing you can do. Building managers and landlords want the best for their tenants and are happy to answer or interpret any questions you may have. Your lease will also tell you about any important rules regarding your stay in the apartment. These include restrictions on indoor painting or decorations, penalties for breaking the lease agreement, cause for eviction, and more. The more you know going into a new home, the better.

know the amenities

A lot of apartment complexes offer a variety of amenities. These can include workout facilities, pools, public gardens, guest parking, personal garages, or more. Learning what amenities your new community has to offer can save you money! At Pelican Bluff, we offer a plethora of amenities aimed to assist and enhance the stay of each and every resident.

buy items you don’t normally think about

Try to plan head in your space. You won’t be cleaning your bathroom or putting together a bookshelf every day, but when you do, having the right items on hand will make your life easier. Think about investing in a small tool box or kit. These usually come with a few different shapes and sizes of screwdriver, a hammer, hex keys/allen wrenches, and some other odds and ends. Tool kits can be a real life-saver! You’ll also need cleaning utensils like a plunger, cleaning spray, anti-bacterial wipes, towels, toiletries, and soaps. For your kitchen, don’t forget the essentials like a microwave, oven mitts, silverware, cups, a cookbook, and a trash can. In your bedroom, it’s a good idea to keep an extra set of sheets, a closet organizer, and some blinds. Take stock of what’s already in your apartment and plan what you need accordingly so you’re not frustrated later!

We know that renting for the first time can be a wild ride, and we hope these tips can help you along the way. If you need a one or two bedroom apartment in Windsor, Pelican Bluff Apartments would be thrilled to have you! Call us today to see our newly finished units.