What You Should Be Looking for in an Apartment

Whether you’re looking to upgrade from your current apartment or are wanting to downsize from a home, there are several important elements you should be looking for in an apartment complex before you sign the lease. In today’s post, we’ll explain exactly what you should be looking for whenever you begin to look for a rental property. Pelican Bluff Apartments in Windsor offer million-dollar views and luxury living at affordable prices! We have one-, two-, and three-bedroom apartments for rent, and we’d love to take you on a tour of our apartment complex! Call, email, or stop by our front desk today for a tour. We look forward to welcoming you into your new home!

Quality Appliances

There’s (almost) nothing more frustrating than moving into a new rental property only to discover that the appliances in your unit either don’t work, or that they barely work well enough to get you through the day. Though you’ll probably be taken through a model unit whenever you initially visit an apartment complex for a tour, you can always ask about the quality of your future unit’s appliances at your initial meeting. Additionally, be sure to take notes about the quality of everything in your apartment when you move in, as this can prevent you from having to pay costly fees if anything is broken or damaged.

At Pelican Bluff, our appliances are checked and tested before each tenant moves in, and all of our stainless-steel appliances are brand new. You’ll never have to worry about a shoddy oven or microwave when you move into our luxury apartment complex!

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Cell Phone Reception

Though you’ll likely be connecting to WiFi in your apartment, you should check to see what the reception is like in the area. Many cell phones still require a strong connection to a data tower in order to deliver good service, and not every apartment complex is in close proximity to a tower. We know that having a strong connection is important, and you’ll find that our Windsor apartment complex is located near towers that provide all of the major carriers with exceptional service.

Window Quality

One element that many people neglect to inspect before signing a lease is the quality of windows in the apartment complex. Though your future unit may be occupied, you can always look to see what the quality of the windows is like in the model unit and what the windows of each unit look like from the outside. Shoddy and thin windows will allow warm and cold air to escape easily, leading to expensive heating and cooling costs. Our newly constructed apartment complex utilizes the best windows in the industry, so you’ll never have to worry about a drafty apartment when you live with us.

Pet Policy

If you have a pet or are thinking about getting one, you should always check to see if there are pet restrictions in the complex you’re considering. Many tenants believe that they can bypass pet restrictions, but this can lead to difficult and stressful situations. At Pelican Bluff Apartments, we’re more than happy to welcome you and your pets into our apartment complex. We have a two pet limit, and we do not allow any animals that weigh more than 50 pounds. If you have any questions about the pet policy at our apartment complex, just get in touch with a friendly member of our staff!

Stay tuned for future posts in which we’ll continue to outline the things you should be looking for in any apartment complex you tour. Pelican Bluff Apartments are Windsor’s newest luxury apartments, and we offer unbeatable views at affordable prices. Are you ready to see what luxury living is like? Call or email us today to schedule a tour!

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