why renting is better than buying

Why Renting Is Better Than Buying

In the aftermath of the housing crash, many Americans have found themselves wondering if buying a house is really worth the investment. In some cases it is, and in other cases, renting is often the smarter choice.

In today’s post, we’ll take a look at a few of the reasons why renting an apartment is better than buying a home or condo. If you’re looking for a new apartment in Windsor, then get in touch with a member of Pelican Bluff Apartments to schedule a tour! We offer luxurious living at a price you can afford, so reach out to us and tour your new home today.

maintenance and repairs are covered

One of the most prominent advantages of renting an apartment is that you don’t have to pay for expensive repairs if something goes wrong. You surely have friends or family members who have experienced unexpected plumbing problems or broken appliances, and the repairs are almost never inexpensive. If you notice that the roof is leaking during the winter, or the refrigerator suddenly stops working, you won’t have to worry about investing even more money on top of your mortgage to keep your apartment comfortable. At our Windsor apartments, you’ll enjoy quality maintenance without unreasonable wait times.

great amenities

Another great reason to choose apartments over a home is that you have access to wonderful amenities that would otherwise be out of your price range. Granite countertops, for instance, are something nearly every homeowner wants, but can’t afford. Moreover, our Windsor apartments have a fantastic fitness center that will spare you the cost of having to pay for a gym membership on top of your rent. Yes, you technically pay to use the gym (and other amenities) when you pay your rent each month, but keep in mind that you are sharing the costs with other tenants, which substantially lowers the overall cost of use.

woman in pool

Our apartments in Windsor also provide you with access to:

  • Snow removal in the winter
  • A high-speed cyber cafe
  • A large pool
  • Guest parking and street parking
  • State-of-the-art stainless steel appliances

protection from market fluctuations

As we noted at the outset, the fluctuations of the housing markets can make any investor uneasy. Knowing that your home is depreciating in value with every passing day is a crushing feeling for many homeowners, but you’ll be spared this heartache when you decide to rent. Fluctuating home values can also cause mortgage payments and other property taxes to rise unexpectedly, leading to even more of a financial burden.

inexpensive utilities

Though our apartments in Windsor are spacious, they’re not so big that you’ll be stuck with high utility costs that drain your bank account every month. Apartments are cozy enough that you can allow natural light to keep your electricity bill down, and you’ll also enjoy lower heating and cooling costs because you’re not adjusting the temperature of an entire home.

Keep an eye on our blog for future posts in which we’ll continue to explore why renting is better than buying a home. Get in touch with our Windsor apartments today to schedule a tour!

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