three benefits of living alone

Three Benefits of Living Alone

Living alone can be quite daunting if you’ve always lived with roommates, but it actually has a plethora of positive factors! Today we’ll take a look at some of the reasons why living alone could be the right fit for your needs.

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Small Space, Big Benefits

  1. Less Space

    Living with less space is a bad thing, right? Hear us out though, less space can actually be a huge advantage and really improve your quality of life.

    We don’t know about you, but cleaning is absolutely not on top of our list of favorite things to do. Living in a one bedroom apartment greatly cuts down on this! Less time spent cleaning leads to more time doing the things you enjoy.

    Another benefit of less space, means you’ll have to use the available space more wisely. Check out our previous blog series about saving space in an apartment part 1 and part 2. These have some helpful tips about removing clutter from your life and living space.

  2. Save Money

    This may well be the biggest positive of little living for most people. With a smaller space, you can save money on almost all aspects of life. Smaller spaces consume less energy and power. There are fewer rooms to keep warm or cool, not as many places that require light, and fewer electronics or appliances that will need to be powered at a time.

    Less space also means you need less furniture and decor. Now you don’t need an extra couch or some random artwork to hang on the walls of extra rooms to make a barren space feel more cozy. The minimal space in single bedroom apartments means you’ll only purchase what you need instead of wasting money on more and more stuff that will get minimal usage.

  3. More Privacy

    No more worrying about roommates being around when all you want is to be alone, no stressing about waking a cranky friend, now you can just be you! Gone are the days of fighting over what show to watch. Say farewell to arguments about which couch is the best for the living room. All the decisions are yours to make!

    You’ll also be less likely to harbor unwanted guests because there won’t be a pre-made space for other friends and family members to make themselves feel at home.

    Are you someone who likes things neat and orderly but always have to deal with roommates who are slobs? Or maybe you’re fine with a little mess but your friends are constantly nagging you to do the dishes? With solo living in a smaller place, you don’t have to worry about any of that any more! It’s your house and you can keep it however you’d like.

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